Accepts 3 Things For Extreme Happiness In Life

Accepts 3 Things For Extreme Happiness In Life

28th March 2019 11 By Sujata

Happiness doesn’t comes by its own, you have to feel it, live it and enjoy every moment of life, and the perfect example I can give you when you see many times around you some of us has nothing but still enjoying life and few of us has everything but still not happy with our lives. This is life every moment can’t be right, life goes with ups and downs and how we face it actually matters. The problems occur when we stuck with a bad situation or experience and start thinking of it over a long period and believe me this is the time, when we start building stress and slowly it becomes our habit of thinking too much and finally over a period of time when this habit becomes our nature then many problems arises like stress, anxiety, loneliness, even depression and so on. Don’t spoil you life by thinking too much unnecessary start your life with happiness and feel the real freedom, now let me tell you what basic benefits you will get with happiness.

  • Happiness brings positivity
  • You can enjoy stress free life
  • If you feel happy then you can handle any bad situation with ease
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Improves sleep disorder, etc.

Now I am sure you all understood how important is to be happy in life for our overall mental and physical health, but somehow we all fail to do so because of certain challenges we face time to time. So today we will be discussing 3 points which we all should start accepting in life for extreme happiness, let’s start these practice right now without wasting time.

Accept Gratitude

Gratitude is the feeling of grateful or of wanting to give your thanks to somebody, this brings magic into your life the moment you start thanking, you experience more positive emotions such as optimism, enthusiasm, love, joy, and happiness while protecting us from the destructive emotions of envy, greed, bitterness, and resentment. Gratitude improves our self esteem, gratitude makes you aware of the good other people do for you.

Gratitude can be practice in many ways like:

  • You can give thanks to god for giving you this beautiful life.
  • You can give thanks your family members, relatives, friends for supporting you
  • You can give thanks to your teachers, for teaching you

You can make your own list I am sure you will find the list countless. Let me tell you I show my gratitude usually towards our society’s watchmen, my helpers, Gardner and other’s for their services and in return when I see their bright eyes showing their gratitude towards me for giving them respect, believe me immediately you start feeling how important you are for other’s and your life is precious. I feel good when you people show your gratitude for any of my work, so here let me tell you giving or taking gratitude both brings happiness. In a day showing 5 times gratitude is enough for bringing happiness into your life and I guess this is not a big task.

Accept Change

We all know nothing is static in this universe, change is nature whether it is  various planets who change their position every second, or its human body or any other living being who takes birth, grows and then dies. Same with situations nothing stays forever so accept it.

Clouds don’t stay for long time they continuously change their position so when I stuck with any bad situation or times, I immediately start comparing them with clouds and start feeling happy because like clouds this bad situation will also move on by its own. So accept the bad situation for good change.

Accept Being Non-Judgemental

When we face any situation without judging its impacts this is actually handling any situation with non-judgemental way, this is really an important aspect which affects your happiness, because most of times problems are much lesser then what we make them by thinking too much.

I am sure you all will agree on, we all have tendency of thinking of future which is really good thing but when we think on any issue with judgemental way becomes problem, let me clear this point with an example, suppose I had a bad office presentation, now I know I will not get good feedback from other side, till this its fine but I don’t stop here and start thinking beyond this in a judgemental way like I will loose all my future clients, I will face heavy losses, my office will shut down and so on, So this is handing any situation with judgemental way, and for happiness we have to do exact opposite. lets take one more example suppose I got diabetes now I know my life will be little different but I can’t change it I have to face it but if I take it in judgemental way like I will be restless all the time, I will not be energetic all the time etc then my life will become more challenging.

So stop being judgemental all the time, have patience and wait for proper outcome for any situation try to find out solution for any situation and if you can’t then accept it in a non-Judgemental way and feel the freedom which finally leads to ultimate happiness.

Feeling of pain or toughness in any situation or health conditions is not in our control but feeling of sadness and Happiness is definitely in our control just you need to retune your brain and for this making these 3 little changes with your thinking can bring loads of happiness into your lives and with happy life you can spread happiness around you because “you can give only what you have” so if you have happiness within you then only you can give happiness to other. Start feeling the Happiness from now because Insight Everything is Really Beautiful.


With Love