19th May 2019 9 By Sujata

Happiness is not just a word, it’s a strong emotion and whether you agree or not but somehow our whole life revolves around it, whatever we do in our life we do it just to be Happy. Just notice in general when you are happy, you don’t only look good from outside but you become beautiful from inside. Happiness gives us positivity, improves our willingness, improves immune system, reduces feeling of pain, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, removes stress and anxiety the list is endless. So, today we will discuss on four primary hormones – Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins combined knows as HAPPINESS HORMONES. We all know hormones play an important role for our overall health, any imbalances can trigger your health which may leads physical or mental illness. Dealing with stress, anxiety and depression brain has to release sufficient amount of happiness hormones which definitely totally depends on you. I know every time we can’t be happy many situations in life make us sad and we find really difficult coming out of it, but I always say good or bad situations are part of life, so better learn how to handle different situations smartly. So lets get started with todays topic HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR HAPPINESS HORMONES by doing simple activities.


Dopamine associates with the feeling like motivation, bliss, pleasure, rewards etc. This feel good hormones is a chemical which is responsible for the transmitting signals in between nervous cells, less flow of this hormone leads with serious mental illness.

How to increase your Dopamine levels

  • start meditation
  • eat food rich in tyrosine like almonds, bananas, apples, beans, eggs etc
  • Listening music
  • get enough sleep
  • Exercise regular


This is also known as Love Hormone this controls your feeling of love, social bonding and well-being, this also controls your physical and mental pain. This hormones release during labour and childbirth which controls the birth process.

How to increase Oxytocin

  • Hugging is the best way to increase oxytocin in body.
  • snuggle with you pet
  • if you are a nursing mom then lactation boost oxytocin.
  • eating chocolate, garlic, whole grain pasta
  • getting massage


Balance of this hormone is really very important for human body, this is a neurotransmitter which regulates your mood, behaviour, digestion, memory, sexual desire, sleep.

How to Increase Serotonin naturally

  • direct natural sun light really increases serotonin level in body naturally. taking sun bath daily for 10-15 min is really a good idea.
  • food high in simple carbohydrates like, potato, pasta, bread, popcorn, which increases natural amino acid in body which is good for serotonin hormones.
  • Exercise regular is another good source of this hormone.


The hormone Endorphins are directly associates with feeling of stress and pain in body, with balance level of Endorphins you are more likely to feel less pain and stress during difficult situation.

How to maintain Endorphins

  • exercising daily just upto 10 mins can boost endorphins in body, even simple brisk walking can do wonder in this case.
  • Laughing freely and loudly from inside helps releasing this hormone.
  • eating food like chocolate, spicy food in which you feel pleasure increases endorphins level.
  • group positive activity like dancing, exercising, partying, prayer, meditation etc
  • listening to music.

All hormones mentioned above is really important for our overall health, when we are in early young age we use to busy in studying or settling our career but we often forget that one day whether early or little late we all will settle down into our life, then our action will be lesser than our reactions (thinking too much), we learn everything but in maximum cases we don’t realise how important is to learn managing stress from an early stage. So as I always say problems will come and go but managing stress is an art, so learn stress management smartly by following above mentioned way it will really help, beside these do whatever you like to do, always try to motivate other people, exercise regularly, feel the pleasure while eating, try to maintain good physical communication, maintain good sleep, hope you all work on improving your HAPPINESS HORMONES for better future, ALL THE BEST

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