6 Basic Rules To Be Followed While Drinking Water

6 Basic Rules To Be Followed While Drinking Water

23rd June 2019 12 By Sujata

Water the main source of life, there will be nothing new if I discuss water’s importance in life. We all know the importance of water for our body and health, even what I noticed in general, nowadays people started accepting the importance of water for our body and we see they started drinking more water frequently, for that a big thumbs up to all of you guys. Drinking water is off-course important but how you should drink this is what today I want to discuss with you, these rules are suggested by famous ancient Indian Ayurveda writer “Vaghwata”, who says if we can correct our water drinking pattern then we can prevent approx 148 general diseases, and he said “prevention is better than cure” so lets discuss on 6 basic rules of drinking water everyone should follow.

Drink Water As Early As Possible After Waking Up

After waking up the first thing which we all should follow is to drink water as early and as much as possible. It really helpful for making your bowl movement fast, helpful in flushing out toxins from the body, helps you to maintain metabolism, dehydrates us well after a long gap of sleep hrs. So its really important to start your day with water, try to drink slightly warm water kept in a copper vessel overnight.

Never Drink Water Just After Finishing Meal/snacks

I saw many people who use to drink water with their meals/snacks or immediately after finishing their meal or snacks, which is definitely a wrong idea. The point we eat our first bite our digestive system becomes active and the digestion process starts, and when we drink water the acids which are responsible for digestion becomes weeks and hence disturbs the proper process which may give you indigestion, bloating, gas, etc, thus drinking water just after meal/snacks is not good for our digestion. If you feel thirsty in between or want to drink something then you can definitely drink buttermilk, green tea, soups, etc or you can have 3-4 sips of plain water too but not more than that. Now you may think why I gave other drinking options like buttermilk, green tea or any other drink as they also contain water, and the reason behind is – as per Ayurveda when water mixes with other elements it loses its own basic character and grabs other elements basic character and all above-suggested drinks are good for digestion when taken with full meal/snacks. You can drink water 30-45 mins prior to meal/snacks and 45 mins – 1 hrs after a meal and of course a big no to soft drinks, cold drinks with meal.

Avoid Drinking Cold or Chilled Water

This is my personal experience I saw many of my close friends and relatives who always prefer to drink cold or very chilled water all the time, even I see them becoming so lazy that many times they pick a bottle directly from the refrigerator and start drinking, which is definitely not good for our overall system, cold water lowers down internal body temperature and also becomes less reactive when we talk about detoxification of body and digestive system. It has been proved the best temperature for drinking water is at room temperature. I understand sometimes during humid weather coming back from outside or during and after exercising, you feel like drinking chilled water, in that case, if you can’t avoid then try to drink it slowly by sipping, so it would be easy for the body to adjust with its internal temperature. You can try to keep your water in clay jars or vessels during warm humid weather which will definitely help in cooling down water’s temperature naturally.

Avoid Drinking Water Immediately After Urinating

This is another important point to be considered while drinking water just immediate after urinating is not good. In Ayurveda, it is mentioned that it weakens your pelvic muscles when you drink water immediately after urinating. You can drink water before urinating or wait for 7-10 mins after urinate.

Never Drink Water While Standing

Always drink water in sitting position it has been suggested several times by many health experts and also mentioned in Ayurveda that drinking water while standing positions triggers fluids imbalances in the body and creates greater accumulations in joints which may lead to arthritis problems in joints, also it effects filtration process of the body which further burdens on our kidney’s functioning. Another reason many experts suggest drinking or eating in sitting position gives better supports of functioning body organs and tissues which are already in a state of tension while standing and drinking in this stage further generates more tension for internal organs.

Avoid Drinking Water After Late Evening

Many of us feel the urge to urinating during night sleep many times this happens generally when we drink more water late evening very casually, this is a very common mistake we do every day. This usually happens when the whole day passes without having enough water intake either due to our busy schedule or sometimes we forget to drink enough water during day time and after the late afternoon and evening time we realize it and without thinking much we try to cover it up by drinking water in the evening. It will definitely disturb your night sleep and slowly after years, you will realize that you developed a wrong sleeping pattern over a long period of time and there is no need to tell you about the benefits of good sleep. So by correcting this small habit, you can definitely have a good breakless sleep at night.

Other points which you can keep in mind while drinking water :

  • Always try to get hydrated by consuming enough water intake at-least 6-8 glasses of water a day.
  • Try to drink water slowly by sipping it instead of one show at a time.
  • Avoid water intake immediately after exercise or coming back home from outside wait at least 5-10 mins.
  • If you are in extream exhaustion with a high heart rate then avoid drinking water in a hurry always drink water as slow as possible.
  • If you are having any medical issues then consult your doctor before making any changes.
  • If you are drinking whole day water kept in copper vessel then give a break of 1 month after every 3 months of consumption.

We all know whatever we do if we are not doing it correctly then either we will not get the full benefit out of it or we can face many disadvantages many times, same goes with drinking water. We know drinking water is good but only if we drink in a correct manner. I know changing any habit is not easy also the consequences of whether you have good or bad habits will not affect you overnight, it takes years to see the results, and this is what happens with us when we see good or bad results on our health when we are in our mid-age. But its never late to correction, try to make these changes from now onwards at least you will get a better life ahead but a small change in your lifestyle can teach your kids a lot for making their life better in the future.

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