How To Drink Water​ kept in Copper Vessel Properly

How To Drink Water​ kept in Copper Vessel Properly

24th July 2019 2 By Sujata

Water kept in Copper vessel or bottles is considered beneficial from ancient times. In Ayurveda it is said that drinking copper enriched water in the morning on empty stomach is very beneficial as it balances all body Dosh (Vaat, Pita and Kapha). Even now science has also proved this that copper is the only solid metal which kills bacteria and keeps us away from many health risks. Copper is a very essential mineral like other minerals for our body you can fulfil your copper requirements by eating seafood, meat, wholegrain, nuts, peas, chocolate etc but drinking 2-3 glass of water kept in a copper vessel is another easy way of doing so. So let’s discuss on questions which arise generally when we think about drinking water kept in a copper bottle and by discussing on these doubts we will be able to know “How to drink water kept in copper vessel properly“, but before this just have a look on basic benifts of drinking water stored in copper vessel.

Benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel

  • Its a natural purifier that kills harmful microorganism, bacteria which are harmful for our body.
  • it helps neutralise toxins.
  • protects you from infections.
  • regulates your digestive system.

What is the best time to drink water stored in a copper vessel ?

If you want to start drinking copper enriched water then start your day by drinking water kept in copper bottle or jar empty stomach, because in Ayurveda it is mentioned that copper enriched water is well digested and absorbed with empty stomach. So empty stomach try to drink this water as much as possible.

Is it good to drink copper enriched water whole day ?

Yes you can drink but as we all know overdose of anything is harmful whether you talk about any food or drink you have to set a balance. Well their is no such harm if you drink whole day water kept in copper vessel, just to maintain a good balance give a month gap in every three month continuation, or the other option drink in morning 2-3 glasses of copper enriched water and then normal water stored in other metal/mud bottle or vessel.

Can we drink hot or warm water kept in copper bottle ?

Many people start their day with drinking lukewarm/warm water, thus they generally think whether they can warm water kept in a copper bottle or many people start warming this in other metal vessel and then which is absolutely the wrong way because by doing like this the content of copper which transferred by keeping water in it divides and you don’t get full copper enriched water. So the correct way of doing it warm this water in the same copper vessel in which you stored water by doing this way you will get the full benefit out of it. But drinking normal temperature water is recommended.

Why my water stinks in copper bottle ?

Yes, this happens many times if your water is stored for very long hours say 10-12 hrs or many times if your bottle or vessel is not clean proper then also you may get odour in your water. So the best option is to store your water for 6-8 hrs in a well clean copper bottle/vessel. Always try to clean your vessel with a natural cleaner like lemon or dry mango powder because these are best chemical-free cleaning option for a copper vessel.

I am sure after knowing all these facts about how to drink water kept in a copper vessel your main doubts regarding the same are cleared and you came to know that how beneficial it is to drink copper enriched water. But as we all know whatever we do it should be in a correct manner otherwise we can’t get full out of it.

Disclaimer: All photos taken from Google. Suggestions are based on keeping general health in mind. People with any medical concern should always take advice from their doctors before applying anything new.