Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

15th August 2019 0 By Sujata

Hello world, Being a proud citizen, no matters from which country you belong, we all feel special on the occasion of our respected country’s Independence Day or Republic Day, after all its not about something which we celebrate only with our family or friends but this its a whole Nation’s festival when we feel much more connected towards our nation, towards our nation’s every citizen because we all celebrate it together with pride. So on the occasion of Indian Independence Day, being a proud Indian I wish you all a Happy Independence Day from bottom of my heart.

But today I want to tell you to share my feelings when I saw something, which I personally didn’t like, I attended an event where I saw thousands of decorative materials mostly made up of plastic I found them really bad for the environment and I am sure many of you will agree with me. On the occasion of Independence Day or Republic Day every year we use thousands of flags generally made with plastic material to show our love and respect towards our nation but on the very next day most of us unable to find what to do with those thousands of flags which has been used maybe for any function or decoration. When Republic Day or Independence Day get over sometimes we find them in any dusty corner, in this way we are actually disrespecting our flag.

I feel a celebration is important but equally important how you celebrate any event and if its any national occasion, where everyone is taking part then following correct way not only becomes requirement it becomes a necessity. So, on this note, I am really happy to know that people are using Eco-Friendly Seed Flags this time. So let us know more about these flags.

  • These flags are made of Paper seed.
  • Paper seeds are made of recycled cotton fibre which has embedded many flowers, tomato, chilli, basil etc seeds.
  • After the use of a flag, they can be buried with all the respect and honour they deserve, instead of keeping them without any use.
  • It is a perfectly legal way of handling unused flags.
  • By using these flags you will actually contribute to the environment when these flags will turn into beautiful plants, and you can see them growing.
  • You can bury them easily in any pot too.
  • Available at cost of just 20 each, size is 3*2 inches.

So this is just a way I am sure you can find many more and make your celebration much more enjoyable and sensible. Please share your thoughts and ideas by commenting below so that people can get more sensible ideas like I found mine after knowing this, although I don’t buy any plastic flag or item for celebration, but this gave me really a good idea as by using this we are not only saving earth but actually we will be creating something which is good for environment.

Happy Independence Day to all us again,

With Love