5 Best Habits To Have A Great Day

5 Best Habits To Have A Great Day

29th July 2018 13 By Sujata

We all want to have a great day always but a great day doesn’t come by its own we have to earn it and work on ourselves for having a great day, and the good news is just making few easy changes and habits we can achieve it. For having a great day we should plan our day accordingly which should include some must-have daily habits in our lifestyle. So let us start 5 best habits for having a great day.


Like for good exam result, we plan our schedule accordingly and we work on it for desired result same if we want to have a great day, we have to make our schedule prior and this starts from last night itself. Whatever issued we faced in the whole day, we should always keep in mind that tomorrow is a new day and I am gonna have a great day tomorrow. Thus the last thought you should have in your mind before sleeping must on a positive note. After relaxing your mind you should relax your body with good sleep, both mind and body coordination is important this way you will get positivity for your next fresh day.


Technology is supposed to making our life easy and comfortable but we made ourselves so depended on it that in today’s life it has become our most common weakness amongst all. Generally, when we wake up we used to check our phones, laptop and other electronic gadgets immediately which is of course not a good idea for making a great day. It floods with so many unnecessary external pieces of information into our minds that sometimes we lost our focus from our goal, thus at-least for 10-15 after waking up we should say not to all devices like Phones/laptops/television etc for a great. Instead of devices, we should focus on morning prayers or meditation because a neat & clean mind can only create a positive and focused schedule for a whole day.


Self conversation in a positive manner has a very important role in having a great day. After waking up talking to yourself for 5 mins pretending and telling yourself that I had a great day, all the work or personal commitments has been fulfilled by me successfully, I am having a healthy body and mind etc. Just start your day by this way and whatever goal you want to achieve whether it’s an important meeting, any conference, any projects, handing any personal issues whatever it is you have to pretend that you succeeded on it. The positive self conversation gives you happiness and energy and which is very important for having a great day.


Meditation is a very important practice for a healthy mind and if we can do this in the morning then nothing could be better then this. It does not only control your mind in a positive manner but also keeps you away from stress, hypertension which is not good overall. Practising meditation 10-15 mins on a regular basis can help you make your life more disciplined and focused, which is not only good for having a great day but you can have a wonderful focused life too.


We all know health is wealth so not only for having a great day but for our whole life, we really have to take care of our health and for this Exercise and Diet is a very important aspect, because a healthy body needs a determined exercise and diet schedule. While you exercise oxygen flow increases in your body and brain which is good for the functioning of your body organs and you feel more energetic and healthy both exercise and diet go simultaneously. According to our daily physical activities, we should plan a healthy balanced diet. On average, we should include daily 20-30 mins of exercise schedule including both breathing and physical exercises.

Hopefully, we all indulge these wonderful habits into our lives and will be able to make our everyday a Great Day because insight anything is really amazing. Please do share your wonderful habits which make your day a great day.

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